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Greetings from the leader of PhysiQz, PhysiQz_Enix! Welcome to our website and especially our clan! Want to tryout? Apply now on this website, and/or message PhysiQz_Enix or PhysiQz_Aqua to tryout. (PS3 Community Only). Our YouTube is up, one video, the recruitment challenge! PhysiQz Clan is our YouTube. We would love new members, we are a sniping and competitive community. We also do like to use other weapons, but mainly skilled snipers are welcome. 

We have private trickshotting matches that all members are welcome to, as long as you listen to the leader`s word. *Mic`s are not needed* We are friendly, and we will start having clan battles soon. Message PhysiQz_Enix to tryout, or PhysiQz_Aqua.
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